Sudeeka is a Professional Bellydance Company located on the island of Kauai. We perform at special events, private parties, concerts and weddings. Ariel, the founder of Sudeeka, also offers the 6-month SEED Program for adult women and a Teen SEED Program for girls. Ariel (505) 231-1234 or sudeekabellydancers@gmail.comĀ 

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Classes start again Aug 15th!

Bellydance has the ability to positively transform your life in more ways then one! It is an empowering, graceful and sacred dance form that ignites a deeper connection with your inner Goddess-ness. Bellydance is a low-impact, aerobic dance that provides a fantastic, full body workout!! As well, Bellydance opens the doors to creating new female friendships and having lots of fun!!


Level 2 Adult SEED classes will be held Tue & Fri 10-11:30am
Level 3 Adult SEED classes will be held Tue & Fri 8:30-10am
Advanced Teen SEED will be held Mon & Fri 3:45-5:15pm

Advanced Bellydance Drop-Ins will be held Mon 9:30-11am $15

All classes will be held at the Golden Lotus Studio in Kapaa, excpet Advanced Teen SEED which will be held at the Barre & Soul Studio. This 4-Month session completes on Friday Dec 15th, culminating with a show on Saturday Dec 16th. Contact Ariel to sign up or ask questions: sudeekabellydancers@gmail.com (505) 231-1234

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